About Us

We are a First Aid training company with many years of experience and offer professional First Aid Training to companies, schools, hospitals and social organisations.

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Our Courses

We have a comprehensive list of our training courses, all at reasonable prices and provided by our highly skilled staff. Our courses can also be tailored to your specific requirements.

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Latest Testimonials

Thank you to Mick Palmer for his patience, hospitality and constant encouragement throughout my learning process. After just 3 days I felt confident enough to go out into my new job role as a Teacher with a thorough understanding of how it is that I can help make a difference.
Sharon Qualm

I cannot stress enough just how valuable this training is! Mick taught me so much in the time that we were together and what he offers throughout the experience is absolutely invaluable. I advise anyone and everyone to take one of these courses as it not only qualifies you as a First Aider but also gives you the peace of mind to tackle such a potentially difficult situation with zero hesitation.
Jason Culmer